北尾 昌大 / Masahiro Kitao

Creative Director 株式会社北尾企画事務所 / 株式会社ants
1977年 東京都出身。目黒生まれ目黒育ち。
2000年 株式会社電通に入社、クリエーティブ局に配属。以後、コピーライター、クリエーティブ・ディレクター(CD)として数々の企業の広告コミュニケーションや、クリエーティブの業務領域の拡張に従事。国内外で700本を超えるTVCMを制作。特にゲームCMにおいてはギネス記録保持。電通退社後、Incubate Fundに参画。Chief Growth Officeとしてファンドの投資先企業の成長をマーケティング・クリエーティブ ・ブランディング領域でサポート。2019年、独立。

Masahiro Kitao Creative Director at Kitao Planning Office Co., Ltd. / ants Co., Ltd.
Born and raised in Meguro, Tokyo in 1977.
In 2000, joined Dentsu Inc. and was assigned to the creative department as a copywriter. Later served as a Creative Director (CD) and expanded the scope of creative work, contributing to advertising communication for numerous companies. Produced over 700 TV commercials both domestically and internationally, holding a Guinness World Record for game CMs. After leaving Dentsu, joined Incubate Fund(VC) as Chief Growth Officer, supporting the growth of investee companies in marketing, creative, and branding. Became independent in 2019.
Experienced in producing "first-time" CMs for startup companies and contributes to the business growth of client companies in all aspects.
Handles the roles of CD, copywriter, and CM planner in the advertising production team. Also operates a production company separately, which enables quick and customized responses for each client.
Graduated from Keio University SFC and obtained an MBA from Leeds University Business School in the UK. Master's thesis focused on a comparison of culture cultivation in the marketing of craft beer between Japan and the UK.
Has worked as a creative consultant for various companies.


  • 任天堂 Nintendo DS、Wii、Nintendo 3DS、Wii U他
  • みずほ銀行 One Mizuho
  • 味の素 CookDo
  • SUPERCELL Clash of Clans、Clash Royal
  • mixi / XFLAG
  • BizReach / VISIONAL
  • Jリーグ
  • ラクスル / ノバセル
  • 吉野家
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  • SHE
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